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Eastburn Junior And Infant School

Year 6

Welcome to Year 6 at Eastburn School. 

Please find in the grid below some recommended activities to complete with your child at home this week. 


Please still continue to use Sumdog. We will set weekly challenges for you where you can earn extra coins!

Sumdog National Contest begins at 8am on Friday 3rd April to 8pm Thursday 9th April. We need at least 10 children in each class to take part to qualify. You will be playing against different schools and classes from around the country. Let's get onto the top 10 leaderboard again- you can do it!

Seven of you have already taken part in the contest. We need three more to qualify- let's do this!

If you can't remember your login details please contact the school office and we will get your log in details to you.

Week Beginning 6th April 2020


Read this information about running:

Running (Text).pdf

Then answer the questions:

Running (Questions).pdf

When you have done as much as you can, you can check the answers here and count up your marks:

Running (Answers).pdf


Using the text 'Running' as an example...

Write an information sheet telling people about a hobby of your choice (e.g swimming, football, gaming.)


Something eggstaordinary has happened. All the Easter eggs in the supermarket have eggsploded! Who could the culprit be?

It's your job to find out who eggspolded the eggs. To crack the case, solve the clues and eliminate the suspects until only one remains:

Eggsplosive Easter Eggs.pdf

Good luck!


We'll have some new learning soon. In the meantime, we'd like you to revise some learning from Autumn term. Here's a 'Place Value' task:

Place Value.pdf

Here's the answers to check when you're finished:

Place Value (Answers).pdf




Please revise the four operations with this task:

Four Operations.pdf

And here's the answers:

Four Operations (Answers).pdf


Finally, you can revise 'Position and Direction' objectives with this task:

Position and Direction.pdf

And you can check your answers here:

Position and Direction (Answers).pdf

Topic Work


Research the key features of a river by using books or the internet then look at the PowerPoint. L3 Features of a River.ppt

You can use the sheet provided or draw your own diagram and label the key features. River features sheet.pdf


Try this 'eggciting' experiment. Egg Drop Science Experiment.pdf


Remind yourself of Holy week and the Easter story. You could discuss this with your family, look in books, the internet or use the PowerPoint provided. Create a timeline of the main events of Holy week and the Easter story. You can draw pictures, print off illustrations, make your timeline as large or small as you like (no smaller than a page in your homework books.) Be creative. Think- if you were able to have a conversation with either God or Jesus, what questions would you want to ask about the Easter story? Write the questions down in your homework books. The Easter Story.ppt


Complete the Easter comprehension. Easter comprehension.pdf


Get cooking- find a delicious Easter recipe that you would like to make. Here is an Easter biscuit recipe you might like to try Easter Egg Biscuit Recipe.pdf


Be creative- make Easter cards, baskets, Easter crowns/hats, decorate eggs, or make bunting.

Mental Wellbeing

Fresh air and exercise are great for maintaining our mental health:  go outside for a walk and sketch the nature that you can see; set up a mini obstacle course and time yourself; ride a bike or a scooter; jump on a trampoline; do a keepy-uppies challenge and keep a record of your progress. 


Year 6 Forum

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Home-Learning Survey

Please click on the link below and sign-in using your child's log-in details to complete our quick survey. We will use this information to further improve the activities on the website and to help us understand what help your family may need.