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Eastburn Junior And Infant School

Year 4

Summer learning

Reading – How many books can you read this summer? Reading is always a great activity to do inside or out. Not only does it widen your vocabulary and help with spelling, it can take you to places you wouldn't normally go - Narnia, Hogwarts, a magical faraway tree... So if ever you're 'bored' this summer, just pick up a book!

---> The Summer Reading Challenge is going digital this year, with the Silly Squad team ready to help children discover and read for fun, happiness and laughter. Children can join the Silly Squad on a new adventure by setting their own personal reading challenge to complete this summer. The new online platform will help to keep track of your books, reviews and the rewards you unlock along the way.  Joint the challenge at www.sillysquad.org.uk

Sumdog – you can still play sum dog and practise all of your Maths skills!

Wider curriculum

Take a look at the online and offline pages of the school website, there are lots of suggestions for things to do to keep learning - especially if parents are still trying to work at home. Otherwise, we have listed some fun activities below linked to our topics in year 4.


Our topic for the half term just gone would have been 'The Vikings' so here are some things we would have done in class, why not have a go at a few?

-Build a long-ship out of recycled materials - can you make it float?

-Research some Norse mythology - make a fact-file about some of the Gods

-Look at a map of Europe - copy it as best you can and plot the lands that Vikings invaded

-Research the island of Lindisfarne - create a comic strip of the events that happened there

-Use the Viking alphabet to write your name and then create a piece of art with it


In science, we would have been looking at Sound;

-Make a set of musical instruments using recycled material

-Fill some glasses with different amounts of water and tap them gently with a metal spoon (BE CAREFUL) do you notice what happens? Can you play a tune?

Other activities

-Conquer a fear and maybe discover a new one

-Fly a kite (you can easily make one if you don't already have one)

-Use a camera or smartphone to take photos, you could then make a collage of you have access to a printer, or you could draw some of them by hand

-Learn a magic trick and dazzle your family and friends by putting on a show

-Try 5 new foods and report your findings

-Learn to skim stones on a river

-Build an epic den

-Dance in the rain and splash in puddles

-Become a bird spotter and list all the different types you see

We hope you have a fabulous summer Year 4, you deserve it.



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