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Eastburn Junior And Infant School

Year 4

Welcome team! 

Here in Year 4, we are amazing. We support each other and help each other to grow and learn everyday.

This tough time is no different and we hope all our fabulous children and families pull together and support one another the best they can. We are here for you - please get in touch if ever you need to.

Better times are coming.

Mrs Brewer, Mrs Fowler and Mrs Throp xx

Everyday learning for year 4:

 Reading: Continue to read at home as much as you can. Reading is the foundation for all subjects so if you do anything this coming month, please READ, READ, READ - books, magazines, (appropriate) newspapers, even recipe books or comic strips. Why not write a book review for each book you read? Add your views, illustrations and next read recommendations. We will share them when we are back together. You can do your own or use this handy template:


Spelling: (the current Spring 2 list and the National Curriculum word list). It is always helpful to write each spelling in a sentence, so that you understand the meaning as well as how to spell the word. It is also a good idea to practise your handwriting as you write your spelling sentences! You can also try this handy spelling pack:

Spelling pack.pdf

Times tables: As you may have heard, the multiplication check for Year 4 (along with all other national tests) has been cancelled this year. This does not mean however, that times tables do not matter. They are more important than ever! Please try to practise those tables that you are unsure of. Times tables should be recalled instantly when asked and you should not have to count on fingers! There are lots of great apps and websites to help learn your times tables but if you don't have internet access, there are also some fabulous games you can try at home:


SUMDOG is also a great resource!

Week beginning: 6.4.20

English (weekly)

Have a go at this reading comprehension. It's all about the Jewish festival of Passover, which is celebrated this week. There are 3 different levels (only complete one level: one star/two stars/three stars):


Keep up with your handwriting with this poem:


Why not try this fun Spelling and Grammar mystery challenge? Who did steal those emojis?


Maths (weekly)

Try this fun problem solving treasure hunt:


Or why not try this code breaker:


You may also like to try this Maths mat: 

Mat 2.pdf

Topic (fortnightly)

Although this is a tough time, there are a lot of good things going on in the world right now. So to celebrate that, we thought you may like to try some of these superhero activities!

Why not make a superhero smoothie:


Or tell us about your superpower?


You could always design your very own superhero (may be modelled on someone special?) and describe them or even write a story about them!

You could try to find all the words in this wordsearch:


Mental Wellbeing

Use the Go Noodle website for calming videos or guided dances like we do in class. It is free to sign up to.


Go outside for a walk and sketch the nature you can see. Practice throwing and catching or ride a bike or scooter. Fresh air and exercise are great for maintaining our mental health.

Please note - 

Easter activities will be uploaded

next week!


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