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 Happy Holiday Year 2

Dear Class 2,
May I take this opportunity to thank you all, from the bottom of my heart for the gorgeous class 2 tree present. It is absolutely lovely and touched me more than words can say! You have been a fab class and it has been a privilege to teach you all for almost 2 years. It is a shame that we couldn't end it together and share all of your many achievements.
Have a wonderful summer holiday - I hope that you manage to get some real holiday time together, ready to join the class 3 team in September. 

The holidays will be 7 weeks long. We have not set any new maths or English home learning activities. However, if you would like some ideas of activities to try during the summer please see below. They are actually the topics that we were planning to explore before lock down. WhiteRose maths has a link on their site for parents too.

Summer holiday


We were going to plant radish seeds and I believe that it is still possible to do it in July! Lettuce and turnip can also be planted late but take longer to grow.


Science - Growing plants: observe & describe how seeds & bulbs grow into mature plants.

Possible activities:

  • Make a diary - start with how you planted the seeds. Start a new diary entry when you notice the seeds sprouting and record their progress through writing/ drawings and labelling!
  • label parts of a plant - click here if you need a sheet for guidance!
  • Go on a nature walk. Can you spot the following? Click here for an 'I spy' activity
  • Click here for a flowers and plants hunt activity sheet
  • Draw any plants or flowers using thick and thin lines. Use either pencil crayons, pastels or paint to add colour.
  • Printing with fruit and veg - slice in half and print. Use your imagination and go crazy or create a repeating pattern like a wallpaper pattern.

History: Events beyond living memory: The invention of aeroplanes/first aeroplane flight

 Possible activities:

  • "Who invented the aeroplane? Who was the first to fly an aeroplane?" Use the internet safely or a book to research it. Make sure an adult is with you to check that it is safe.
  • Make a poster, displaying pictures and facts that you have discovered. Need to include dates and names!
  • Make an aeroplane! Click here for a template to cut out and colour.

Have fun! 


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