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Eastburn Junior And Infant School

Welcome to Year 5

Welcome to the Summer term.

Home learning

As we start the last term of our Year 5, hopefully, we can just look ahead to an uninterrupted term together.

As the weather gets warmer, I hope we will be able to spend more time outside, enjoying the seasonal changes in the garden (and making science observations) and connecting with our own spot of nature.  We will also try to make greater use of seesaw as a way of recording our learning.

Readingplease use the Reading Journal to log your reading.  If you forget to log it at home, remember, you can log it at school.  if you are learning remotely or at school, why not be a book reviewer.  Send a message with a book review and I will post it on for you. 

Spellings– Please take time to visit and learn these several times each week, to help the trickier spellings go in.  The test is on Thursdays as usuall.  The lists are below - please stay with the list you were learning before.

Times tables – We are continuing to address gaps in our times tables this half term, so our next focus is on the 6x tables.  For those of you wanting an extra challenge - why not continue with the 14x and 15x tables too.  By the way, in our times tables tests, we will be using the inverse rule to test our knowledge too.

Sumdogplease try to log on to Sumdog to complete the activities created for you.  These fit with our Maths curriculum and also help you recap facts you have previously learnt, including times tables.


The wider curriculum.

Internet safety - stay with the Be Internet Legends again this week - learn about keeping log-ins safe by tuning in to their broadcast:


Swimming continues this week, on Monday.  Don't forget to bring your swimming stuff!

Take a look at our Topic web (below), which tells you all the interesting subjects we will cover this half term:

Art & DT - apart from a number of smaller DT projects, including crochet, we will work on a number of projects this term

Computing - working with data in a number of different ways and keeping our focus on e-safety and our online lives

French - building vocabulary about the school and about food

Geography - a region in Northern Europe

History - the civil war (why our nation was at war with itself)

Science - looking at development in animals and humans (including puberty)

We will also work on rebuilding our sense of "team" and explore ways in which we can help our mental well-being.

Stay safe and healthy

With so many aspects of life going online, remember to keep safe and do not share personal information.  Take a look at the link below to find out how to be an Internet Legend: https://www.legendaryteacher.parentzone.org.uk/promote



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