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Eastburn Junior And Infant School

Year 5

And so we reach the last week of term - our last week "together" as year 5...

Hopefully, you already have plans afoot to have a good summer break (even if you're not going away). 

Don't start too many of those yet though - one more week to go!


Here you’ll find our daily activities for the week. Don't forget to join in with the summer reading challenge if you haven't already done so....further info is below in the Reading section. 

If you’re struggling to print out your daily tasks, please contact school and we’ll get a pack sent out to you.


  • Try and stick to a regular daily routine with a fixed time for home learning each day.  
  • Set yourself a target that is appropriate for you.  Remember, persevering does not mean just sticking at it - come back to a problem.
  • Use the forum to let us know you have completed the tasks at the end of the week or to talk through your learning.  
  • Use the website to develop life skills.
  •  For other curriculum subjects, go to the ‘Online Learning’ and ‘Offline Activities’ sections of the website.
    • Final Kahoot quiz this week on the second part of non-flowering plant reproduction. 
    • Quiz questions below - PIN is 982033.  Play in 15 minutes! 

Remember, take care, stay safe and be happy.

Week Beginning 13th July 2020

Reading – please continue to read regularly (both to yourself and to an adult).  Log this, if you can, in your homework book.

The Summer Reading Challenge is going digital this year. You can read your own books as part of the challenge, which you can access at www.sillysquad.org.uk

 Handwriting – practise your handwriting regularly, making sure your letters start and stay on the line, are the correct size, and that your writing is joined up consistently.

Spelling - No new spellings this week.  If you found any words tricky, try revising these over the summer.  I'll put a new spelling activity on the page on Thursday to test some of the trickier words from the lists this term - how will you get on?

Sumdog – please log-on to Sumdog and complete this week’s Maths challenges. 



We would like children to continue to access one maths lesson per day through the 'White Rose Maths' website. This week, we are asking you to complete the Maths activities on the page for 'Summer Term - Week 12 ' which are dated w/c 13th July.

Our school has a subscription to the worksheets and these can be downloaded using the links below:

For details, click here : https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/

Day 1 - Metric units                                             Day 1 worksheet          Day 1 answers

Day 2 - Imperial units                                         Day 2 worksheet         Day 2 answers

Day 3 - Converting units of time                        Day 3 worksheet         Day 3 answers

Day 4 - Timetables                                             Day 4 worksheet         Day 4 answers

Look on the website for Friday challenges too.  Or, if you haven't done them already, try our challenges sheet.

For those of you who like to challenge yourselves, I have added a Challenge sheet at the bottom of our Year 5 page, which you can do each day.


We would like children to complete one English lesson per day from one of these two online schemes. All lessons are dated, so simply follow the lesson for the correct day:

BBC Bitesize : This scheme has a mix of short videos, interactive activities and written tasks. Monday starts with tasks that need you to summarise.

Oak National Academy : This scheme has a daily video lesson to watch with an  'on-screen' teacher. 


We suggest that BBC Bitesize is best suited to children working alongside an adult, while Oak National Academy is more appropriate for children working independently. However, please feel free to choose whichever scheme best suits you and your child. 


Year 5 Forum

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