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Eastburn Junior And Infant School

Welcome to Year 5

Welcome to 2021 and Spring term for year 5.  I hope you enjoyed your Christmas break and feel ready for new learning challenges.

Home learning

Readingplease use the Reading Journal to log your reading.  You can log what you have done at school during early work, if you prefer. All reading can help your reading skills, whether it is reading in-game material, online research, or reading a book or magazine.  It's always a great idea to discuss your reading with others - this builds comprehension and overall reading skills.  Be a reviewer!  What do you think the author did well?  What would you do differently?

Spellings– Please take time to visit and learn these several times each week, to help the trickier spellings go in.  Test is on Thursdays for those children learning in school..

Times tables – We are going to address gaps in our times table and quick-facts knowledge.  We are focusing on the 6x table next.  Our new Challenge table is the 14 x table - if you are motivated to give it a go!

Sumdogplease try to log on to Sumdog to complete the activities created for you. 

If you have any other apps or websites that you like using, share this with the rest of the class via the forum!


The wider curriculum.

Take a look at our Topic web (below), which tells you all the interesting subjects we will cover this half term:

Science - we finish off Earth and Space before we move on to animals and their habitats - lots to cover this half term.

History - as we are not all together, we are going to move to our next history subject instead.  We'll be learning about Bolton Abbey as a local point of interest, and how its history reflects the history of our country.

Geography - our focus on mountains now shifts to the Alps - we'll look more closely at the landscape as it crosses the different countries in Europe, then focus on plants, animals and how we interact with each.

Stay safe and healthy

With so many aspects of life going online, remember to keep safe and do not share personal information.  Try to get outside as much as you can to enjoy your week off, and to stay fit and healthy.



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