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At Eastburn we aim to develop motivated and resilient mathematicians who can be fluent in the fundamentals of maths and confidently apply what they learn. Most of all we want children to enjoy maths and to get excited about the challenges the subject can bring. It is important to us that children see the relevance of maths and why it is needed in life, including unfamiliar contexts and real- life scenarios. Children need to be able to reason mathematically by following a line of enquiry,  presenting a justification or argument using mathematical language.


At Eastburn we:

  • apply teaching for mastery principles across school
  • expose all our children to fluency, reasoning and problem solving
  • recap the learning content to keep learning warm
  • consistently and regularly develop arithmetic skills and key knowledge
  • discretley teach basic number facts and times tables
  • believe that learning is not fixed and 'everyone can'
  • address misconceptions quickly


Eastburn's Maths Curriculum

See the source image Everyone can do maths: everyone can!

The White Rose Maths schemes of learning are designed with a clear, time-linked plan for learning. The enables teachers to have time to explore and understand concepts in depth, rather than covering it superficially and then returning several times. The practice and consolidation helps children to grasp the links between topics and to understand them more deeply.


At Eastburn we follow the White Rose Maths ethos of: 

'Day after day, we’re shaping happy, confident and

resilient learners who discover that maths brings an exciting journey of

discovery, understanding – and a lifetime of opportunities.'


Maths Overviews

Mathematics Whole School Curriculum Progression Map

Eastburn Mathematics Curriculum Progression Map.docx

Mathematics Whole School Vocabulary Progression Map 

Eastburn Mathematics Vocabulary Progression map.docx

Mathematics Whole School Arithmetic Progression Map 

Eastburn Arithmetic Progression map.docx


Interactive Links to Support Learning at Home

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