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Eastburn Junior And Infant School


Welcome to Reception Class at Eastburn School. 

I hope that you and your families are all well in these turbulent times and that you have enjoyed completing last week's activities. Below, please find a selection of new tasks that you can complete over the next week. As ever, thank you for supporting your child's learning. We hope to have the Reception forum working soon so that we can help you with anything you need! Please keep safe and try to make these difficult times, as enjoyable as possible for your child.

Have a lovely Easter, and enjoy as much chocolate as you can manage, I know I will! 

Mrs Newman x 

As ever, please continue to read daily with your child, this could be: a magazine, recipe, non fiction book or just snuggle up and enjoy your favourite story immersing into the text and escaping into an imaginary world. 

Please practise letter formation and number formation daily. 

Please continue to use SumDog to practise all number based skills. The next national competition starts on the 3rd April and ends on the 9th. To qualify we need 10 children to take part. If you can't remember your log in details, please let us know and we will endeavour to get these to you. 

Week Beginning...6th April 2020


Daily Phonics session

Read Write Inc Sessions are being broadcast on Facebook and YouTube. These daily sessions follow the same format as our lessons in school. 

Please follow the link:


Once you have completed the speed sound lesson, please read one or two of the ditties that can be found using the link below:


Please then build up your child's fluency of reading by reading the speedy green words: 



Please continue to practise all the previous 'red' words that we have learnt over the last few weeks. 

Your new set of 'red' words to practise reading and writing from memory are:

  • some
  • come
  • have
  • so
  • do


Please use your new home learning book to write these, encouraging your child to form their letters carefully. 

For correct letter formation please follow the link below; 


If your child is struggling with a particular letter, follow the link below and click on Set 1 'Speed sound's practise sheets':



Please follow the link below for examples of fun learning activities that you could do with your child:


Can you have a go at reading the real and nonsense words on the sheet below:


There are a few different sheets to work through. See if you can colour it in and reveal the Easter picture. 

As an extension to the above activity: in your home learning book, have a go at writing a list of both real and nonsense words. 





Please can you encourage your child to practise the correct number formation.  

Below is a booklet that you can print off and practise with. 


You could also practise writing the numerals in your home learning book. 


Please complete the addition to 10 booklet. 


You may want to begin using practical resources e.g. pieces of pasta/fruit and combining two groups to make a total. 

An example of a question may be: 

I have 2 apples and 3 pieces of pasta, how many altogether?

Encourage your child to count the 2 groups but then as a whole. 

To extend further get your child to try and retain a number in their head and count on from it. 




Please complete the addition to 20 booklet. 



Topic Work

I hope you enjoyed the creative tasks last week. Here are a few more ideas as a build up towards Easter. Fingers crossed for lots of sunny weather this week! 

  • Easter chick fork painting 
  • Tooth brush painting 
  • Card board Easter Egg decorating 
  • Potato stamping


 Lente bloemen maken door verf te spatten met een tandenborstel▷ 1001 + projets super créatifs de bricolage de Pâques en maternelle - #bricolage #creatifs #maternelle #paques #projets #super - #CampingIdeas47 Creative & Easy DIY Easter Crafts for Your Kids to Make with You

Below are also a range of different colouring sheets that may keep you all busy! 





I hope you enjoy the activities and they keep you busy! If you think of any other crafty activities, please post in the Reception forum (when it is working) so I can see all the wonderful things you are doing. 



Here are some ideas for both fine and gross motor skills that the children could be practising:

  • Button up a t-shirt that you have put on your teddy
  • Practise writing your whole name - please encourage your child to use correct pencil grip and letter formation! 
  • Make a concertina caterpillar by folding paper
  • Hop on both legs for 10 seconds 
  • Count how long it takes you to run around the garden. Can you beat it next time? 
  • Find 3 'healthy foods' and 3 'treat' foods and name each food, writing and drawing a picture in your home learning book
  • Write the days of the week - making sure all letters are on the line 
  • Find yourself a ball and bucket - can you throw the ball into the bucket 5 times in a row?  
  • Practise using a skipping rope to skip


Reception Forum

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Home-Learning Survey

Please click on the link below and sign-in using your child's log-in details to complete our quick survey. We will use this information to further improve the activities on the website and to help us understand what help your family may need.