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Eastburn Junior And Infant School

Virtual Sports Week


Thank you to all of you who took part in our Virtual Sports Week. We have loved seeing your efforts and creativity completing the activities and we are very proud of your achievements!

We have seen top tower builders, high, high, high jumpers, balancing acts and even had our own 'celebrity session' - 'PE with Belle'!



Everyone who took part has received 10 house points, however some pupils went that extra 'mile' and have earnt their houses more...keep your eye on the post over the next few weeks!


We hope you enjoy admiring our sport superstars; in school and at home...



Zac's sister even made a montage of his efforts! Well done team!

Digital Dash

New app for phones and tablets

BT has created an online game for children aged seven to ten that not only teaches them digital skills, but also educates them on the benefits of healthy eating and exercise.

Digital Dash has launched as part of the BT Skills for Tomorrow scheme. It invites children to create their own virtual athletes, train them and then take part in 100m races.

Each avatar can be fully customised and kitted out, then developed through skill-learning mini-games - providing fun and education in tandem.

All athlete names are user-generated and anonymous, and child safety measures are fully in place.

The game is available for both iOS and Android, so will run on iPad, iPhone, plus Android phones and tablets. Why not download it and test your skills?


Other activities:

If you enjoyed our activities this week, why not give some of these ones a go?

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