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Welcome to Nurture Group

Autumn Term

We're so pleased to have you all back in school!

Remember to keep up with your reading at home, and to make a note of it in the reading record. It's fine to read things other than your school reading book some days -  magazines, recipes, food packets, internet facts ...... write down anything that you have been reading with an adult. All reading is valuable!!

Don't forget to go on SumDog regularly to build your maths skills.

If you already have an IDL login, remember that you can use the IDL web app from home. It works best on Google Chrome. IDL supports your reading, spelling and keyboard skills, so it helps you with all your learning, now and for the rest of your life!

This half term our Nurture Group topic is Autumn.

To get an idea about what we will be learning take a look at this Autumn word bank. 

We will be reading stories about Autumn, and using information books to find out about how plants and animals prepare for Winter.

Fun things to do at home

  • Seasons Detective: look out for signs of Autumn around you on your way to school, or just outside your window. What clues are there that tell you it must be Autumn?
  • Find out about woodland creatures from books and the internet. Which ones hibernate? Where do they go to hibernate? What do they use to keep warm?
  • Make a hedgehog house
  • Find out about birds that migrate. Where do they go and why? Which garden birds stay here for the Winter?
  • Collect some Autumn leaves and make leaf-rubbings. Label them to show which kind of tree they came from.
  • Collect conkers. Find out how to play conkers! (A grandparent would know - ask them to show you how to harden the conkers then thread them on a string. Find out what other Autumn games and activities they remember.)
  • Make your own collection of Autumn objects - conkers, acorns, beech nuts and any others you can find. Use the internet to find out what they are. Make a labelled display. 
  • Use Autumn objects such as acorns to play counting games eg  'How many missing?': put a number of objects out on a tray (start with 4 or 5 but build up as your child gains confidence). While your child isn't looking, cover some of them with a cup or bowl. Ask 'How many missing?'.... they have to work it out. This builds their number bond knowledge.
  • Do some Autumn Art - there are some great ideas at https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/116038127884764894/
  • Use the word bank: play turn-taking games with these words so they become familiar. You could play hangman or 'Fill in the blank'. For 'Fill in the blank' one person says a sentence including one of the words, but instead of saying the word, they clap. The other player has to choose a word from the bank that would make sense.  Or play a word memory game: choose six words, write them on cards and place them on a tray. Everyone take a few moments to read and remember the words. Then you take turns to remove one of the word whilst the others are not looking: they have to work out which word has gone. This supports both memory and reading. 

You will also have a class topic, so don't forget to look at your class page, too. 


(Parents:/Carers: please check this guidance if you are not sure about anything.)









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