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Hello again, Nurture Group members! This is week 3 of home learning. We hope you are all fit and well, and doing lots of good learning through family activities and the work we set for you on this page. 

We have put some new activities on here for you to do this week. And there are also some on your Class page and on the 'Online Activities' and 'Offline Activities' pages.  See the Topic section below for another new piece of work from the specialist art teacher Tony Bullock!

Don't forget to join in with the Joe Wicks Daily PE lesson, to help you to keep active while you are at home, especially if you don't have any outside space to play in.

Try every day to do some reading with an adult. You could take turns to read pages of your favourite story, help to read a recipe or some instructions on a food packet, or maybe choose a free e-book on the Oxford website.  The more you read, the easier reading becomes! If you are someone who has access to IDL and if you have Google Chrome at home, you should also try to do 15 minutes of this 3 times per week: it will support your reading and spelling. (Well done to those of you who have already started to do this - we can see who is going on IDL and when, and how carefully they are doing the lessons.)

Are you remembering to practise your times tables? You can count in twos, fives or tens (whichever table you are practising) when you climb the stairs. Then put a piece of paper with the right number sentence on each stair (so for the 5 times table the first stair would have 1 x 5 = 5, the second would have 2 x 5 = 10, and so on). Get an adult or sibling to ask you times table questions and see how quickly you can answer - as you get better at remembering the times table you won't need to go to the stair to check! If you are finding this a good method and you already know your 2s, 5s and 10s, you could try 3s next.

You could also play maths games on a phone or tablet: these apps can help you to practise times tables and number bonds: 

  • 2x2 simulator (iPhone/ iPad ) 
  • TimesX Times Tables Tester (iPhone/ iPad ) 
  • Times Tables Rock Stars (iPhone/iPad ) 
  • Squeebles Times Tables 2. (Android, iPhone, iPad - costs £4 ) 
  • Hit the Button Maths ( Android, iPhone/ iPad - costs £3) 
  • Times Tables 1x1 - Easy Maths (iPhone/iPad) To Practise number bonds: 
  • Numberbonds Adventure (Android - free from Google Play)
  • Making Number Bonds (ipod/ iphone)

We have set you some new maths challenges on SumDog.  Remember to log in and have a go! We can see that some of you have not logged on to Sumdog yet: if you have lost your login details, just ask an adult to email Mrs Hughes. Once you have logged on you will do some questions to race Sumdog to the city (while the program retrieves all your information and gets itself ready). Then you need to click on your tasks button at the left hand side to get the Nurture Group Maths activities that we've put in specially for you. (These tasks are specially for you and should be at just the right level, so focus on these rather than the others.)

Make sure you also have some time to relax, doing something quiet that you enjoy such as reading your favourite books, drawing or lego. 

Week Beginning 30/03/20


Last week we were learning about capacity. We hope you did some good questioning and learning in the bath with your containers. Keep thinking about capacity this week, and try this Capacity Challenge: 

Capacity challenge: find two containers, one of which has double the capacity of the other.

How many pairs of containers can you find like this around the house? 


This week in maths we are learning about numbers again, and thinking about equal groups.

Work through the White Rose Hub home learning for Y1, Week 2 days 2 to 5. Remember to watch each video and make sure you understand it, then try the activity sheet.

If this seems easy to you, perhaps you are ready for the Year 2 work, which begins to move on to fractions. Follow White Rose Hub home learning for Y2, week 1 days 1 to 5.






Try to watch the daily phonics lesson from Read Write Inc on YouTube or Facebook:

YouTube - Ruth Miskin Training

Facebook - facebook.com/miskineducation/

Most of us are on Set 2 sounds, but if you feel confident try Set 3 sounds.

New lessons come each day at the following times, and are available for 24 hours. Try to watch one each week day!

Speed Sounds Set 2   10.00 am

Speed Sounds Set 3    10.30 am


Have a look at the CBBC Newsround page. Use your reading skills to see what you can find out about what different people are doing while they are at home.







Last week we asked you to write in the forum at the bottom of this page, but we now realise that you didn't have your login details to do that. Sorry about that! As soon as you have your login details please let us know how things are going. There are some messages from your teachers already in the forum section. 


This week, your writing task is to practise writing your address correctly.

Remember to start a new line for each part:


Number of house or flat, then street name,

Village or town name,

County name,


Remember to use a capital letter for names of places (including road names).

Remember to put a comma after the house number or name, and at the end of each line.

Practise this until you know it really well and can say it and write it easily.


Make a crayon picture of an underwater creature - follow Tony Bullock's powerpoint in the topic section below.



Fun indoor activities: 



Children’s baking/cookery recipes: 




Snakes and ladders

Cards-Pairs,snap,crazy 8's


Memory games: I went to the market......


Yes/No game

I spy

Memory game apps:

Jungle Memory and Remembery (both Android)


Topic Work

 Our Topic for this term is Oceans, Seas and Lakes. 


The DKfindout website also has great information about lots of different animals.

 Special Art Hunt from Tony Bullock (this is last week's activity in case you didn't do it yet).

Tony has sent us pictures of some amazing artwork containing sea creatures. 

* First, just enjoy having a look at the different pictures and deciding which ones you like best and why. Try to work out what materials the artist used.

* Which ones make you feel an emotion, and what emotion is it? Mrs Hughes felt lots of different emotions: for example fear with at some of them, and tranquility (peacefulness) with others.  

* If you like, have a go at making your own picture that is inspired by one of these.

* Tony has also sent a list of things (in fact a list of numbers of things) to hunt for in the pictures (see the Questions sheet). Can you find everything?

 Here is the new week 3 activity: Tony has sent us a powerpoint showing how to draw an underwater scene using coloured crayons. Have a go. Maybe other people at your house would like to do it too?


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