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Welcome back to the Nurture Group Home Learning page for the final week of home learning!


SumDog:  We have an apology to make: SumDog has stopped offering Spelling and Grammar. So from now on we can only offer you Maths on SumDog. In fact, you won't have been offered S&G for the last couple of weeks, but we didn't realise. We hope this hasn't caused any difficulties for you.  Please remember that SumDog will still be there over the holidays. If you can keep it up, or even just do tasks on it occasionally, it will help you to keep building those Maths skills!

Life Skills: We suggest two important life-skills for the Summer holidays.

1) Fastening your own shoelaces. This is impossible for adults in school to do now that we have to keep at a safe distance. So set yourself the target of learning to do it yourself if you can't do so already. We know that you have the skills and perseverance to do it! (Find Professor Shoelace on YouTube if you are struggling.) Keep practising - you will get there in the end!

2) Learn to tell the time. Start with o'clock times, then learn half past, then quarter past and then quarter to. If you master all those, your next target is to learn how to tell all the other times in between! To give you a head start, your maths lessons for this week are on telling the time. (We have given you this week's maths lessons from White Rose instead of carrying on from where we got to last week.)

(Parents:/Carers: please check this guidance if you are not sure about anything.)

Week Beginning 13th July 2020

Everyday Activities:

1) Phonics: Please click below to watch and join in with the daily 'Speed Sounds' lesson on YouTube, and carry on to watch the Spelling video if you can. Start with the ‘Set 2’ videos, but if these feel a bit too easy you can go on to watch the ‘Set 3' video:


2) Daily reading: Read with a grown-up (share a favourite story, or a free e-book from Oxford Owls). This could be part of your bedtime routine. Just make sure you choose something you will enjoy, and do some of the reading yourself!

Exciting new activity* The Summer Reading Challenge is going digital this year, with the Silly Squad team ready to help children discover and read for fun, happiness and laughter. Children can join the Silly Squad on a new adventure by setting their own personal reading challenge to complete this summer. The new online platform will help to keep track of your books, reviews and the rewards you unlock along the way.  Joint the challenge at www.sillysquad.org.uk

3) SumDog games:  Some of you are going on regularly and making good progress, so if that's you, well done! If not, please aim to do 10 minutes of spelling or grammar training and 10 minutes of maths training each day.  (You will need to choose the 'training' activities in your task box - these are the ones that SumDog has set specially for you!) 



Click here: Bitesize English

Choose the Y1 lesson with today's date. (If it is too easy for you, have a go at Y2!)


Click here: Bitesize English

Choose the Y1 lesson with today's date. (If it is too easy for you, have a go at Y2!)


Follow the link below and look for 

Year 1  (or 2): 

Summer Term Week 12 (this week's lessons)

Lesson 1

White Rose Maths

Once you have watched the video, have a go at the Activity sheet.





Follow the link below and look for 

Year 1  (or 2):

Summer Term Week 12 (this week's lessons)

Lesson 2

White Rose Maths 

Once you have watched the video, have a go at the Activity sheet

Keep going with Lesson 3 and 4 if you can, even though it's the end of term. It will help you with the Life Skills challenge!


Make your own analogue clock  - that's one with numbers 1-12 around the face, and an hour hand (short) and minute hand (long). You could use a paper plate or an old cereal box. Choose your own colour scheme, but make sure the numbers are in the right positions and very clear. Design challenge: find a way to fix the hands to the clock so that you can still move them round. You can use your clock to practise telling the time!






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