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Spring Term


The Nurture Group topic for this half term is Taking Care of Ourselves. We will be thinking about how to look after both our physical and our mental health.


During the second half of the term we will also begin to think about Growth - both in ourselves and in plants and animals.


We will be setting activities on Seesaw for those children who are learning from home, and many of the activities will link to this theme. 


Other fun things to do at home

  • 'Circuit training': make a circuit of simple physical activities to follow each day. Include counting as a key part of this - eg include  10 star jumps, 15 skips etc. (Counting our actions is a very good way to improve our 1:1 counting skills, so this will be a bonus benefit!) Your child could make a series of cards or a poster to remind everyone of the sequence of activities, and you could swap new activities in when the existing ones become too familiar/easy/noisy!
  • Experiment with your child to find out their favourite healthy snacks. You could eat these as a picnic sitting round a blanket inside - or outside when it gets warmer. Your child could draw a picture and write out the recipe for their favourite snack.
  • Find calming activities that your child can become absorbed in. These are very good for mental health. Help your child to recognise which activities work for them: for example, it could be drawing, colouring, sewing, listening to music and singing, finding Wally in a 'Where's Wally?' book, having a warm bath and playing with containers of water - or anything else that can be done without major upheaval and expense. These mindful activities are a really important 'go-to' for children as they navigate the ups and downs of family life, not just now but through their teens too.


 Remember also to keep up with your reading at home, and to make a note of it in the reading record. It's fine to read things other than your school reading book some days -  magazines, recipes, food packets, internet facts ...... write down anything that you have been reading with an adult. All reading is valuable!!

Don't forget to go on SumDog regularly to build your maths skills.

Ten minutes or so on SumDog three times a week can make a big difference to maths confidence.

Remember that you can use the IDL web app from home. It works best on Google Chrome.

IDL supports your reading, spelling and keyboard skills, so it helps you with all your learning, now and for the rest of your life!



(Parents:/Carers: please check this guidance if you are not sure about anything.)


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