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Eastburn Junior And Infant School

Committee Structure

The governing body at Eastburn Junior and Infant School has four committees which deal with much of the work of the governors, giving the Full Governing Body more scope to concentrate on more strategic matters. Governors can serve on one or more committees. 


Full Governing Body meetings are held six times a year. 

The Resources and School Improvement Committees meet three times a year.

The Pay and Headteacher Appraisal Committees meet annually.

Resources Committee

Resources Committee Terms of Reference

Mr Ian Bester (Chair)


Mrs Vicky Fleming

Mr John Hughes

Mrs Sarah Rook

Mrs Jo Waterhouse

School Improvement Committee

School Improvement Committee Terms of Reference

Mrs Ann Moralee (Chair)

Mrs Sam Fernie

Mr Richard Grayson

Mrs Jess McPhail

Mrs Jo Waterhouse

Pay Committee

Pay Committee Terms of Reference

Mr Richard Grayson (Chair)

Mrs Sam Fernie

Mrs Ann Moralee

Headteacher's  Performance Management Committee

Mr Ian Bester

Mrs Sam Fernie

Mr John Hughes

External Advisor: Janet Keefe