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International Links


We are currently involved in a number of eTwinning projects with other schools around the world.  Click on one of the links below to find out more about the projects we are involved in and we use these to support the children's learning.


International School Award and FairTrade School
We have been awarded the full International School Award!  This runs from 2019 until August 2022.  The assessor commented:
'This is a prestigious year to gain such accreditation as the British Council is celebrating the 20th year of the International Schools Award- Congratulations! All pupils are involved in the activities, which cover a variety of subject areas and are spread across the academic year.'
We are taking part in the Fairtrade School Award Scheme.  We hold the FairActive Award for our Fairtrade School work and are working towards the highest level, the FairAchiever Award.


eTwinning School Award

We were delighted to have been one of only 29 schools in the UK to be awarded the eTwinning School Award in the first round of these awards!

ecoTwinning all year round
This is our current eTwinning project and will run throughout 2019-20 and has environmental issues as its key theme.  The project includes schools in Croatia, Cyprus, Estonia, France, Italy, Poland, Slovenia, Spain and the UK.

Battle of Britain eTwinning project


This project won a prize at the UK eTwinning Awards Ceremony in September 2019!  The assessor commented:

“This project has been approached in a very commendable way using class members' own backgrounds to help focus the context and make their contribution central to the project. Clearly displayed within the project is creativity, collaboration and the celebration of a common historical time. A very well constructed TwinSpace and website provides a resource and legacy for this highly proficient eTwinning project.”

This project was run with our partner school in Poland.  Class 5 researched information about the Battle of Britain and WW2 and sharing their learning with our partner school. This project included two video calls with our partner in Poland! Year 5 wrote a suite of music based on 'Goodnight Mr Tom'  which was illustrated by our Polish partners. Here is a link to our collaborative video of music and pictures.  The project was featured in the Craven Herald and the Keighley News.

A Year around Europe eTwinning project
There are 18 schools in 13 countries in this project: Croatia, Cyprus, Estonia, France, Italy, Norway, Poland, Republic of Moldova, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, UK.  We have been sharing information and learning about life in each others' countries through the year 2018-19.  This project was awarded a UK Quality Label in July 2019.
Wojtek eTwinning project, with a school in Poland:

This project has won a prize in Poland in their national eTwinning awards, winning the Cultural Heritage category and was Highly Commended in the UK awards.  It features in a 2018 EU publication called Erasmus+ Enriching our cultural heritage.  (Click on the link, open the document in the document viewer and go to p53 to see Wojtek!)


Erasmus+ Project: Learning Together is Better

We are currently (2018-19) taking part in an Erasmus+ project with our partner school in Croatia.  Three teachers (Mrs Hughes, Mrs Linford and Mrs McMeekin) visited the school in October 2018 and have returned with lots of ideas to share across the school.   Photos from the visit can be found here.  This visit was featured in the Keighley News and the Craven Herald.


Erasmus+ Project: Future Classroom Skills - eSafety and Netiquette

We have successfully applied for funding for another Erasmus+ project, with partner schools in Greece, Slovenia and Sweden.  We plan to improve the digital skills of pupils and teachers and will use an eTwinning project to support our learning and communication through the two years of the project.  This project is called 'Future Classroom Skills - eSafety and Netiquette' and will start in December 2019.  We are already looking forward to it!


Erasmus+ Project: Learning Together

 In 2017-18, we ran an Erasmus+ project with a school in Finland.  Three teachers (Mrs Fox, Mrs Linford and Mrs McMeekin) visited our partner school in Oulu in October 2017.  Information and photographs from the visit to the school in Finland can be found here. 


Christmas Connections Through Art:


This project involved schools in 14 European countries (Croatia, Estonia, Finland, Georgia, Germany, Italy, Republic of Moldova, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine, UK).  The children researched a range of different artists and used their work to inspire their own Christmas card design.  The cards were then exchanged with the other schools in the project so that the children sent and received cards from countries across Europe.

This project has won two Highly Commended Certificates, awarded to both Mrs Linford and Mrs McMeekin at the eTwinning conference in June 2018.  The project has since been awarded the European Quality Label, the highest level of accreditation for eTwinning projects! Here is a link to the article which appeared in the Keighley news. 


International eTwinning conferences 2018 and 2019

In October 2018, Mrs Linford and Mrs McMeekin represented the UK at the international eTwinning conference in Warsaw, where 550 teachers from all over Europe met to talk about education and international links! Mrs Linford was invited again to the conference in October 2019, held in Cannes.